S2 – Episode 3 – Commercial Reinvention | New Jersey

This commercial landscape project in Denville, NJ gives a fresh and updated look to a retirement home. We redesigned a pre-existing waterfall for a larger visual impact. By moving the waterfall back and raising it up we created a meandering stream into a small pond. Natural stone was used to widen the base of the stream and make the soothing sounds of the water more audible. We also increased the hardscaped area near the new water feature to allow for additional seating on the patio.

Plantings define the space and will change with the seasons to add a variety of color and texture. White Pine trees, Dogwood trees, Colorado Blue Spruce trees and a Southern Magnolia tree provide a lush screening along the building which creates visual depth and character in the garden

Roses, Hydrangeas, Rhododendrons, and perennials such as Daisies and Black-Eyed Susan will keep the space blooming with flowers and color from May until frost. Soft lighting was installed in the space to highlight trees, walkways and the water feature.