S2 – Episode 1 Pt2 – Full Residential Landscape Reconfiguration | Ridgewood, NJ

This episode reveals the finished landscape of our project in Ridgewood, NJ. In the front yard, layered plants were used to add depth and interest to the entrance of the home. A pink Crape Myrtle and a white Dogwood tree give colorful focal points to the area. Boxwoods, carpet rose, coral bells, salvia, holly and a variety of other plants surround the trees to create intrigue and curb appeal.

The homeowner wanted more privacy and color in the backyard for their pool and patio area. Evergreen was planted along the fence line.  Roses and a variety of perennials were added for color.

Our challenge was to make the landscape have a linear feel. We graded the entire area and added retaining walls with Bluestone caps and boulders to transition into the large lawn. Simple elegance was kept in mind while designing the stone steps and garden beds that lead to the patio and pool. LED lights that turn on and change color through an app on the homeowner’s phone were installed in the pool for night time use. Landscape lighting rounds out the project by highlighting the driveway, walkway, patio and pool areas.